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I have been reading stories in this site for quite some time now. Having read so many incest and other sex stories, I am now emboldened to write a story myself. Actually it is not a story, but what happened in my life some five years ago. Hope you will give me the necessary help and support , as this is my maiden venture. First let me introduce myself. I am Padma, the second of three children born to my parents, both teachers. My elder sister was three years elder to me and my brother was five years younger to me. As our parents were teachers they were keen on one thing, giving good education for us. We were living in a south Kerala city. At the age of 20 my elder sister was married off, when actually she was in the third year of her graduation. I was studying for Pre- Degree then. Actually, immediately after her marriage, she used to visit our home very often as her husband belonged to our city itself. I was actually listening to their love making sessions quite often and was witness to their acts once or twice. This made me really hot and I was resorting to fingering my cunt quite frequently. From that time onwards I was very much interested in sex and did not lose any opportunity to peep on my voluptuous sister and her youthful husband making love. When I passed my BSc, my parents started looking for a suitable boy for me , but their attempts did not succeed as there was some defect in my horoscope. My parents were very religious and were always looking for horoscope matching as a pre- requisite for marriage. This never came through and all proposals were crashed on that rocky obstacle. Even at age 25 no proposals materialized and then my brother in law brought one proposal of his cousin who rather was not interested in horoscope and finally my parents had to agree. Thus my marriage took place and my husband was really loving and very affectionate. He was Development Officer in an Insurance company and was working at a city in central Kerala. I started my married life with him in a rented house there. Our sex life was very active. Almost every day he will come around 6 pm and we enjoyed our time thereafter together. Some days we will go for a film and will eat out. Within two years, I gave birth to a baby girl and our life was going on smoothly when the greatest tragedy in my life struck me in the form of my husband’s death in an accident. That was a period I was really traumatized in my life. I was 30 and felt alone with a three year old child. Life suddenly appeared to be insurmountable. At that time my brother Sanjay came to my rescue. He assured me his help and came to my house every week end. He was by then employed in a bank in his hometown after graduation and had married our paternal cousin Anita, which was rather customary. In our five years of married life my husband had bought a piece of land near our rented house and it was our dream to build a house there. With the money I received as his death benefits and insurance amount, I decided to build a house in our plot. I also got a job as clerk in the Insurance company within one year as my husband died in harness. In fact, it was Sanjay who followed up with the Insurance company for my job and finally secured it. By then we had started the house construction in right earnest. We entrusted the work to a reliable contractor and Sanjay will come from his hometown every weekend and will monitor the work. Two days, sometimes three days he would stay with me and will oversee the work and then only he will go. His presence in my house, though it lasted only two days a week or occasionally three days, was a great solace to me. Within 6 months from my getting job, we could complete the house and I could shift to the new house. Then also my brother continued to come, but the frequency has lessened. Whenever he came, we used to discuss the many things I had to do and everything was moving well according to our plan. On one such visits, when we were having dinner he asked me whether I felt happy in life. I said I was really happy. Then suddenly he said that may be my life is secure now, but enquired whether I was getting the emotional fulfillment in my life. I immediately understood what he meant. He was referring to my sexual urge. As a solution, his idea was to persuade me to a second marriage in life. I vehemently opposed the idea. I said. ’You know the difficulty in getting me married the first time itself, because of that defective horoscope. Now that my husband is dead, I am now stigmatized in the eyes of our people. Many of my husband’s relations believe that he died because he had married me. Moreover, I have got a girl child. Her future is the most important thing in my life. So I have decided not to go for any marriage again.’ After dinner, while lying on my bed to sleep, I was seriously thinking about his question. His reference to my sexual fulfillment was a burning issue for me. After my husband’s death, I never had occasion to taste sex and I was rather starving for it. Before marriage, I extinguished the fire in me by resorting to frequent fingering and it looked quite adequate then. But after my husband’s death, as I had experienced the real sex act many times, fingering was found to be much too inadequate when I was hot. I found that it was a poor substitute for the real act. The subsequent nights also I thought about it. By then, actually I had started reading many sex stories in my language and in English through internet. Actually Internet was being introduced then. The stories caught my attention. Many of the stories depicted the sex between brother and sister. A question came up in my mind, why I also couldn’t think on those lines? Next day, when I went to bathe in the morning, I removed all my clothes and I evaluated my reflection on the mirror. Am I desirable was the question I asked myself. My round and petite breasts and my slender waist and the valley down to the thick forest of black curly hair on my mound made me really proud and happy. Taking scissors I trimmed the hair on my mound after a very long time. I suddenly remembered that my late husband always wanted to see a thin layer of hair on my mound. He would kiss there for ages and would slowly drink all the juice my hole produces. The thought made me immensely hot and I had to caress my clit and penetrate my three fingers into the hole to put out the fire the thought of good old days generated in me. The next day I went for a facial and a hair- do in a beauty parlor. I bought some sexy and revealing dresses and a few new pattern lingerie too. I thought to myself.’ What is the use of living the life of a widow? Nobody has any concern. Some people may raise their eye- brows also. More than that, nothing is going to happen in this damn world.’ Next Saturday, when Sanjay came, he was wonderstruck. I was wearing a low- cut new nightie with a liberal display of cleavage. He said in astonishment. ’Oh, is this my same old chechi (elder sister) ?’ ‘Why , you can’t recognize?’ I retorted. ‘No, I can’t recognise. As if you have suddenly become five years younger!’ , he said. ‘Oh, I thought , why I should live like a widow? I am a normal woman. I am going to live my life like that way in future.’ ‘Yeah, chechi, that is what is needed. Let the world go to hell.’ ‘ Yes, my brother. I am really happy that you support me in everything.’ I saw my brother ogling at my cleavage. I acted as if I did not see it and whenever needed I bent my body in front of him so as to give him a liberal view of my melons encased in a lacey black bra. I thought that he was getting aroused. In the process, I was also getting quite hot. When I served him dinner, I stood so near his body that I thought once or twice my breasts brushed his face. When he got up after dinner, he was struggling to hide his erection in his lungi. In fact, it had already made a noticeable tent in front. When I was preparing bed for him, I knew that my cunt had become profusely wet. When he came to sleep he told me the news that our aunt and uncle came and took Anita to her house, since she was in her seventh month of pregnancy. I could not but ask him the naughty question. ‘ Now what will you do for a few months?’ He laughed and said. ‘ I can go to her house any time, can’t I?’. I smiled at him and told him.’ You needn’t go there. Rather you stay here with me and help me.’ I think he understood the naughtiness in my words. With a gaping mouth, he asked. ‘ what chechi, you are ready to …?’ I did not hesitate then. I embraced him and kissing his earlobe , muttered into his ear. ‘ Yes, my darling brother, I want you here with me on my bed. Won’t you make love to me?’ He also embraced me and pressed his lips on my lips. I was losing my control. He took me in his hands and started kissing my mouth, my eyes, my face , my neck and before long he reached my melons. He then tried to raise my nightie when I also helped him to remove it by raising my both hands. He then unclasped my bra and focused his attention on my newly liberated boobs. He took the right one into his mouth and sucked nicely. Then he took the other one in his mouth and continued sucking. By now I had reached the no- return stage. I removed my skirt and panties too and invited him to fall on my body. In a second, he also removed his t-shirt, lungi and jeddy and lay on my body. His cock was upright and was poking into my body. Looking at his cock which looked like a monster, I could not take my eyes off it for a little while. He then bent his body and reached my navel and started to lick there. Soon his tongue travelled down and reached my honey pot. Widening my thighs as much as possible I lay like a bitch before him and was moaning loudly. My brother gave me the best sucking on my cunt and I was oozing my juices like a fountain. I could no longer contain myself and was egging him to enter my hole. Finally he took his demon in his hand and put it at the entrance of my cunt. Without any problem, it went right in like a pole into the water. He then started to fuck systematically and with his every thrust I thought I was elevated to heaven. Within minutes we both reached a wonderful climax. That week he took two more days’ leave and during the next three days we fucked in all conceivable ways and I never enjoyed sex that much, even during my husband was alive. It was the beginning of a new life for me and even now after five years, we carry on our game without anybody’s knowledge. Most of the time my brother will come this side, but once in a way I will go to his place too for seeing my parents , but whenever we get a chance we will engage in pulsating sex behind everybody’s back and the thrill we get is really great. My brother now tells me that he hasn’t so far gone for promotion fearing that he will be transferred from his hometown. Now he says he has given his willingness for promotion and if he gets it he will come to my city on transfer. You don’t know how much I am welcoming it. As I said earlier, this is my first story.